Document and Workflow Management in the Commissioning Process: Ensure Efficiency and Quality

SHORE in the Commissioning Process

The commissioning process ensures the efficiency and quality of a new or renovated facility. It begins during the design phase and continues through to post-commissioning activities. It is important that commissioning documentation be well organized and easily accessible so that commissioning phases can be carried out effectively.

There are many ways to track and document commissioning activities. Some companies still prefer to use paper and spreadsheets. However, is not a secret that paper and spreadsheets are not the best tools to manage projects since they can be easily lost, rendered inaccessible or misplaced.

Commissioning documents are important because they serve as the historical record of key decisions made throughout the planning and delivery process. They also help establish standards of performance for building systems and verify that the work meets those standards. The lack of commissioning documentation or its inaccessibility can lead to equipment failure and even health and safety issues. A comprehensive, controlled, and accessible set of documents and activities will help ensure the success of your project, save money and time.

I always have done my work on paper or spreadsheets, so why change?

Document and Workflow Management Systems are useful tools for managing commissioning documentation. These systems allow you to store all your commissioning documents in one place, making them easier to find and access.

Checklist- With a workflow management tool, you can create checklists and track the progress of each commissioning task. This ensures that all tasks are completed on time and that no steps are missed.

Accessibility- The use of document and workflow management systems helps ensure that all stakeholders have the necessary information to complete their part of the process. By using a collaborative environment everyone involved in the commissioning process can have instant access to the latest information.

Track- It also helps create a historical record of the commissioning process, so that any issues or problems that may arise can be tracked, addressed, and resolved on time.

A commissioning document management system should be tailored to meet the specific needs of each organization. It is important to find a solution that will work for you, and that will help you achieve your goals. By using the right tools and procedures, you can easily make the commissioning process a success.

Platforms like SHORE allow users to create, store and share documents, track changes, collaborate in real-time and much more, helping organizations improve communication, and achieve better results for the otherwise overwhelming commissioning process.

If you’re looking for a document and workflow management solution to handle commissioning, we would be happy to help! We offer custom solutions designed to address your specific needs.

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