Unlock Unparalleled Control and Precision in Managing Your Project’s Billables


SHORE’s Timesheet is your key to precise project billable management. Gain complete control over tracking workforce-hours, third-party services cost, equipments cost, material, and associated costs, all at your fingertips, ensuring a data-integrity-driven, error-free billable tracking experience. Access real-time billable hours to make informed decisions swiftly, enhancing project timelines and overall efficiency. 

Elevate Efficiency, Boost Precision: Unleash the Benefits

Business Benefits

Intuitive Interface

SHORE’s Timesheet application is easy to navigate, making it simple for everyone to use

Cost Control

Track and monitor every single billable item on your project for managing budget effectively

Sustainable Choice

Embrace sustainability by reducing paper usage and minimizing carbon footprint

Data-Driven Decision Making

Informed decisions with detailed reporting and data-driven insights available on comprehensive dashboard

Streamline Data Integration

Seamlessly link timesheet data with other forms, eliminating redundant manual entries

Multi-Device Accessibility

Access and manage timesheets from anywhere on any device

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

Streamline timekeeping processes for increased productivity and minimized manual errors

Customizable Templates

Personalize Timesheets to match your company's needs. Track and record different project resources and tasks with ease

Tailored User Permissions

Effortlessly manage user access across platforms, assigning customized permissions

Featured Resources

Product Brief

A concise and focused document that provides an overview of SHORE's Timesheet. This document typically highlights key features, and benefits, offering a quick and easily digestible summary for the industry clients.

Product Features

Watch SHORE's Timesheet video to learn how our application eliminates the hassles of paper-based and Excel billable trackers. Discover its robust features and the numerous benefits it offers for streamlining your project billable management.

Dashboard Video

Dive into a short video showcasing the real-world use-cases of our comprehensive dashboard. See how it unlocks valuable insights and empowers informed decision-making in various use cases, making it an essential tool for optimizing your operations.

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