Support & Services


Aimed at maximizing the efficiency of the deployment process which starts with effective planning, execution, and management to analyze customers’ needs and data by our expert team members.

The first step is to understand customer’s needs, collect information, and present the best solution. After implementation, discuss process improvements, help customers with new needs, and add new features as they get pushed.


Includes all of the steps, processes, and activities that are required to make customers’ data available in the client’s database in SHORE.

It is through the deployment process that all forms get connected, tested, and existing data is uploaded in bulk. User and User group permissions get set up at this stage.


Ensures that key employees are fully trained on how to use SHORE effectively. This also guarantees autonomy in the use and creation of new templates and/or in the process of bulk updating and bulk uploading data.

Training sections are prepared according to the client’s needs. We offer it online, in the office or on-site, for few users or for the whole crew

Technical Support

Technical Support is an important part of the SHORE experience. Our team provides unrivaled expertise and services like a bug fix, new features development, and regular code updates to keep your business running smoothly with 24/7 data integrity support.


Top Questions

SHORE offers multiple plan types based on the intended use and company size. Contact us for more details.
SHORE was designed for medium and large organizations.
Please contact us for a presentation. Our team of industry experts will prepare a meaningful presentation based on your business sector.
Yes, SHORE allows remote access to the database set and allows field members to easily update project data in real-time. Through experience, this has been shown to greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of a project, as well as increase visibility for management. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection.
SHORE is a highly customizable platform that will offer the best solution according to your organization’s needs. Depending on the size, scale, and readiness of project data, SHORE can be fully implemented in a matter of weeks.