About Us

A Message From Our Founder

Katherine Walker

Founded in late 2010, IndustrialWebApps (IWA) officially opened for business in 2013. First two years, we devoted solely to development and then in early 2016, we launched our commercial services. We embrace an agile methodology at IWA and follow a culture of continuous improvement. In order to deliver enhanced customer experience to continuously improve, we encourage our clients to share feedback on our solutions and services that we deliver.

The brilliant, creative and challenge seekers who work here fuel the IWA culture. IWA prioritizes work-life balance and believes in creating a family-like atmosphere for its employees, who come from a diverse cultural background. We provide great opportunities for every employee to enhance their skills and develop their career. In one voice, our team works together with a collective goal of driving digital transformation and achieving sustainability.


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IndustrialWebApps (IWA) was founded in late 2010 to apply device agnostic web technologies in replacement of legacy architectures.


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We believe that web technologies have advanced to the point where we can build better data management applications than can be built-in desktop applications.


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We are passionate about understanding our clients pain points and addressing them with speed, excellence, and elegant design.

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What Makes Us Unique

We are using a new generation of services and technologies that permit rapid development, high quality, excellent performance and unparalleled user experiences. They also result in applications that can scale to enormous sizes and a cost structure that was not possible before.

What Do We Do?

Our Products


Our SHORE (SHare & stORE) is an intuitive end-to-end workflow management system hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). SHORE is offered as software-as-a-service (SaaS) to help you simplify and secure your workflows and be more sustainable while you focus on your bottom line and improve productivity. 


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Simplify the business operations by using Check’N to manage daily attendance of your employees and visitors using the report feature. Let your employees and visitors confirm presence using their own mobile device via text, email or QR code. Check-in has never been easier than it is now!

Business Use Cases

Project Management

Help you stay organized and efficient by building a collaborative landscape for your team to facilitate collaboration, allowing for better communication and coordination

Task Management

Help you streamline your processes, manage time by gaining visibility into the progress of tasks, for better tracking and monitoring of the progress

TimeCard Management

Digital TimeCards provides a hassle-free process to help field crew and supervisors track work hours for accurate calculations of RT, OT, etc. easy tracking of invoices to ensure effective cost management

Scheduler Management

An ultimate tool to track and manage schedules. Plan your meetings, shifts, appointments, and any other event using the scheduler. Scheduling has never been this easier!

Marketing Management

Manage and collaborate on all your Go-to-Market activities, social media marketing and launch effective campaigns

Assessment Tools

Help you stay organized and efficient Make effective and informed decisions on your projects more quickly, across different areas like resource management, procurement, risk management and more


A centralized database integrates data across teams and departments, giving you easy access to lead and contact information, purchase history, inventory, sales, and marketing data

Analytics & Reports

Get better insights into your project progress and make better decisions with reports and dashboards. Understand your project's progress; identify and measure opportunities to improve performance

IWA Work Culture

Here at IWA, we just not believe that employee morale and productivity are heavily influenced by work culture and the environment, but we also practice building a pleasant work environment to our employees every single day

Hybrid Workplace Model

At IWA, we believe the future of work is hybrid. We empower our employees by giving flexibility to choose to work remotely three days a week based on their personal preferences and convenience

Reward & Recognition

Provide a platform that allows leaders, managers and peers to acknowledge and celebrate small wins and fun events throughout the year

Workplace Ergonomics

We ensure our employees feel safe, more comfortable and productive in the workplace by setting up ergonomic workstation at our office

Work-Life Balance

We promote and encourage our employees to practice healthy habits by starting a typical workday with daily exercise, providing stretch breaks and game tables etc. We help our employees strike a right work-life balance through fixed work hours and vacation policy