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SHORE = Share & Store


SHORE was designed to support the global movement towards a paperless environment, save time by eliminating duplication of efforts, and as a result improve productivity and save money.

We use a new generation of services and technologies that allow for rapid development, excellent quality and performance, unparalleled user experiences and more.

SHORE - Who is it for?

SHORE is an end-to-end project management tool. It can be used to store information regarding anything and everything. It is a customable tool that can work the way you do only efficiently.

For all these reasons, SHORE can be used for small to large organizations and any business sector. All you need is to identify the pain points your company has and work with IWA’s team of deployment specialists to create a process and procedure that will assist your organization in achieving expected goals in a timely and efficient manner.

SHORE - What is it used for?

Workflow– Automatically follows the way you work. Instant notification to next person in the workflow procedure, access and monitoring in real time.

Document Control– Total management by QC ensures integrity of all documents

Planning – Collect documentation and information required to build out and manage scope of work and bid packages

Projects/Jobs– All information needed to initiate, execute, control and close your project or job in an elegant and efficient manner

Features of SHORE

Customizable Forms

Existing Excel or new spreadsheets can be published as input forms

Financial analytic chart graphs on computer monitor dashboard flat icon


Multiple Dashboards can be created and saved for different departments, for individual users, or for the entire organization


Advanced “Google” Like search capabilities – searches content of multiple documents, forms and drawings


Get data out of SHORE quickly, easily, and in any format and configuration you need

Instant updates

 Data collected is automatically stored in SHORE and instantly available to anyone who needs it


Secure, Reliable, Multi-Factor Authentication, Access Control Entry, Encryption, AWS Security 

Audit Trail

Every input, upload and modification captured 

update system icon vector

Bulk Upload

Load massive amounts of data in one process

Update icon. Simple element from data organization collection. Filled Update icon for templates, infographics and more.

Bulk Update

Make changes to data en-masse to thousands of records at once 

User Groups

Flexible and user defined 

Dynamic Notifications

Automatically sent from SHORE


Designed to be used on any device with a modern web browser 

SHORE works the way you do, only better!

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